Woosaa Wellness is a nonprofit program for incarcerated youth, young adults and individuals suffering from mental illness in secure detention. Programming includes kundalini & hatha yoga, meditation, breath work, qi gong, and basketball and is presently offered in NYC with intention to expand regionally and nationally.

The founder approached me to create a logo that gracefully integrates a rose symbol with the company’s name. The rose is not only a familiar symbol within the community but it represents the inmates’ growth.
Graphic Design——

Final Logo

Unused Logo/Rose Explorations

Inspired by the East meets West vibe, the final logo draws from the simplicity and delicateness of Japanese/Chinese design. The stacked approach nods to the program as a support system to the inmates. The frame emphasizes unity, community, and balance.

The color palette had to appeal to both young adults and the youth basketball team. We landed on a utilitarian primary and secondary palette, using bright accent colors to appeal to the youth.  

Brand Collaterals